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This Article explains how to use the website.

The 3C Telemetry website helps users manage their fleet of devices as well as view and interact with the data they produce in a number of ways.

Generally the devices or units need to be set up only once.  Additional configurations can be performed by administrators.

The main focus is the view into the data.

Data is grouped into 3 main categories, Fleet, History and Alert.

The fleet view gives the user an overview of all devices within the fleet.  It is also possible to create sub-groups of devices in the fleet.  The groups act as a filter to give insight into a select number of devices.  The main controlling factor of the fleet view is that only the most recent message from any give device is used to generate the layout or view of the data.

The history view gives the user a historical view into one or more devices in the fleet.  History reports may typically show all of the messages generated by a device from the present going back to a certain period of time like 24 hours or 30 days.  History reports are extremely flexible and can be configured in a number of ways such as:

  • Display messages using the standard columns along with as many or as few of the message elements (measurements) such as ambient temperature, fuel level, engine run and so on.
  • Limit messages by a certain time range, i.e. 24 hours, 30, days or any other arbitrary time window.
  • Display messages for a single unit, multiple units, pre-defined groups of units or the entire fleet.

The alert view is analogous to the history view, but includes the additional filter that the message must have been generated due to an alarm condition.



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